Erdogan said that he had informed Belgium about the terrorist who carried out the operations in Brussels , while tens thousands of American ISIS pass from Turkey to Iraq and Syria!!

In the wake of the suicide bombings in Brussels, Belgium :

Erdogan said that , before the terrorist attacks , he informed Belgium for the terrorist who carried out the suicide attacks, that he is terrorist and came from Syria.

Interestingly that Erdogan admits that , he informed Belgium about the suicider of Belgium , is one of the terrorists in Syria , and why did not you tell Syria and Iraq for tens of thousands of terrorists coming from Turkey to Syria and Iraq ?!

Because Turkey is the most important passages of Daash to Syria and Iraq. Of course, Jordan is a close second.

As I mentioned sometime, the secret organizations of Turkish and Arab dictatorships, colony of the West and their masters such as America , France , Britain and Israel , because they have made and controled the terrorists of ISIS and others , they are fully briefed on all their movements and exchange of intelligence with each other.

Terrorist leaders in the process of coordination , but the lower ranks did not know that and think they’re really going to heaven by Wahhabism.

Erdogan and other Arab heads of partner countries and their western masters are top leaders of the terrorists .

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