Paris attack, Governments are not able to protect people against terrorists!

Governments know this subject, but they are lying to the people.
Please you think that if a few people in France, be wish to carry out terrorist operations, how security forces could identify them?
Can be said for identify, for example, ten terrorists between the French population, It is necessary for double number of the population of France of security forces have. Of course, with this control, how can France people live?
The truth:
The terrorists groups makes and supports by governments.
Isis was built by intelligence agencies, America, France, Britain, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, the Arab-rich Persian Gulf.
1. For the partition of Iraq, because they did not accept America forces stays in Iraq.
2. To overthrow the Syrian government, because it is an ally of Russia.

Note that:
Isis is another version of al-Qaeda, that America and rich Arabs made it made it, for expel the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

And recognize that the interests of the main leaders of the West, means the capitalist trusts, is more important of the west people life.

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