Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, visible competitors, but in the fact, they are employee and employer.

In the apparent, they are vying to run for the presidency, but in fact Hillary Clinton is the employee for big employers as Donald Trump.

Analysis of the subject in different dimensions:

1-   In the personal dimension:

Each of the competitors wanted to win to use the presidency for his benefit , but Trump for being a capitalist, will benefit most from this position.

2-   In the blocs dimension:

Any one of them, binding to the subordination of the heads of the party. And his personal benefits should not cause problems for the party.

3-   In the Capitalists government dimension:

Is not important for the capitalist men of the ruling, who is the winner. They think of deceiving the American people, that the people elected them, and the president is working for the interests of the people.

Two main two blocs, Democratic and Republican, in the head and the foundation are connected to a single common interest point.

The difference between them, is in the extension of the blocs in the American people. So that the people feel that the government is not confined by a single bloc or a group of capitalists.

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