Yemeni men, wear the cheap bathroom instead of pants.
The Arabs called it “Vazreh”.
They are very poor.
For many years, that Saudi Arabia determined them President.
Recently, Saudi Arabia determined former Vice President for two years for Yemen.
And agreed it yemeni groups.
and that two years was over.
Saudi Arabia, asked to Continued it for Abd Raboh Mansour.
But Yemeni groups did not accept it.
More political and military groups that were not under the supervision of Saudi Arabia,rose Against Abd Raboh Mansour, And he fled to Saudi Arabia.
And now, Saudi Arabia and nine other countries attack Yemen!! for return, the president under supervision of Saudi Arabia to Yemen!
And West Countries, confirmed the attacker countries!!
Also now, Western countries sell more weapons to attacker countries!!

Human Rights is Under the power and wealth.

Killed By Saudi-American7

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