Palestinian killed by ISRAEL

What is truth ?

What is truth ?
Who’s Right ?
And we’re thinking…..
But children and women are being killed in Gaza by Israel !!!!!
Please think, our kids are between the children killed in Gaza.
Suppose that the western media are lying about Israel and Palestine.
How do people in the West can understand the truth?
After the killing of large numbers of Palestinian women and children,
to understand what is the point?
Ruthless covers Truth.
When Ban Ki-moon says: attack UN schools by Israel is war crimes.
Why not introduce Ban Ki-moon, Israel to “War Crimes Tribunal”?
Why America was veto the All resolutions against Israel, to now?
The media in the West,have changed the oppressor and the oppressed.
Please, “thinking that we’re in Gaza. with my kids.”
Israel has occupied our country, is surrounded our ,killed our and my kids ,
and says: Hamas does not consider “the siege”.
Hamas is National defense!!!!!!
Palestine(Israel) Area : 27024 km2
Gaza Area : about 360 km2 ( about % 1.3 of Palestine )
Gaza Population : about 1.8 M ( about %25 of Palestine )
%1.3 area for %25 Population — why ?????
and They are in the siege of Israel , completely.
Lately in 26 days:
To now killed about 1900 and Wounded about 10,000 of Palestinian,
432 persons are children and
243 persons are women !!!!!
Others : old and men and number of “National defense”.
But, National defense of Gaza killed 63 soldiers of Israel.
Judging with you ????
Israel kills children and women in Gaza, to the Popular Defence did not resist !!!!!
Again, think about who is right.
To more children and women being killed by Israel.

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