Human rights , Western colonialism tool on humans

Western colonization is used by human rights organizations for the benefit of colonialism.

Western colonialism protects dictatorships colony him, And human rights organizations not entitled to say anything about them. and commands to human rights organizations to investigate the independent states of colonialism with magnifying the problems. Even taken advantage of their report more pressure on them .

Put pressure on Iran and not to challenge the Arab dictatorships of his colony !

US bombing of peoples and Doctors Without Borders , calculated military faults and they are normal. But the Russian bombardment of terrorist armed groups in Syria calculates the bombing of the people and against human rights!
Because terrorist groups are an American industry.

The bombing of the Yemeni people, the poor with ten rich and powerful Arab country and the support of the UN Security Council and the lack of human rights interest in killing innocent people !!!!!

Even China due to oil interests . Supported the brutal attack and Russia not used its veto power !!

Simply that the Arab dictatorships bought all the powerful nations , international organizations and human rights !!!

Please more think about western colonization and children Syria and Yemen, which kills dozens of them in everyday.

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