Saadi of Shiraz, poetry about humanity

Human beings are members of a whole, بنی آدم اعضــــای یکدیگرندIn creation of one essence and soul. که در آفــرینش ز یک گوهرندIf one member is afflicted with pain, چو عضوی به درد آورد روزگارOther members uneasy will remain. دگر عـضوها را نمــاند قرارIf you have no sympathy for human pain, تو کز محنت دیگــران …

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killed by ISRAEL

Israel Tree :

“Fruit of the tree of Israel,” is murder of humanity. England : planted the tree America : watered the tree The fruit of the tree : Killing children Liberal nations of the world : Want Avulse the tree , but veto of America’s , england’s and france’s prevented . And Killing of children continues !!!!!

Palestinian killed by ISRAEL

Palestinian and Israel.

Who is supporting whom ? Nottice that : Western governments support Israel completely but Arabic governments don’t support Palestinian Peoples. Because They are support by west governments. If sometimes, they say a little about palestinian and Israel, To silence their own peoples!!! Other countries have problems of terrorism, by planning west countries and money from …

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Palestinian killed by ISRAEL

What is truth ?

What is truth ? Who’s Right ? And we’re thinking….. But children and women are being killed in Gaza by Israel !!!!! Please think, our kids are between the children killed in Gaza. Suppose that the western media are lying about Israel and Palestine. How do people in the West can understand the truth? After …

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International Organizations and trade of “liberty and freedom” !

International organizations are profitable for Western governments! When the oppressed peoples of their governments, to international organizations do complaint, The Western governments, of the governments of the oppressor, take Hush money, and Issuance complaining nations with weak statement, and terminate subject!! People’s hope to international organizations, additional costs inconclusive for they will have. For example, …

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Killed By Saudi-American

Yemeni children

Close your eyes.Do not think about anything.Now, think,Neighboring country, attack to your country by warplane and killed all your children while they are asleep.Then say:They attack, because of, parties that have power, not accepted for them !!!Now exist : you innocent children were killed ! Saudi princes full belly ! Western aid to the aggressor …

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Yemeni Children

Why all the oppressed of the world, Wait for the Savior?

Because international organizations prefer their interests to justice. For example: Several countries have attacked the innocent people of Yemen, and kill children and innocents! All members of the Security Council, asked the oppressed, to be surrender to oppressor. 14 members Confirmed one member give abstained!!! Shiites believe that Imam 12 and Jesus comes along and …

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