Western media, show the oppressor, like the oppressed.

1. Problems of Occupiers and the Palestinian people, because of the continuing occupation and oppression by the occupier.
2. For every person killed from the occupation, killing dozens of Palestinian children, women and men.
3. Tools of Palestinians in this conflict are the stone and finally the kitchen knife. And occupier tools are machineguns, rockets and warplanes from US of America and Europe! (Also they have nearly 300 nuclear warheads)
4. Occupier possessed himself more than 90% of the Palestinian land by force. And besieged Palestinians in a very small space of their country, In social and economic blockade also. And every day increases strangled them.


Western media, talking about the right to defend the same to the occupier !!!
Nonsense of humanity!
The west people are not callous. The reason of this subject, due to the Western media, which display the oppressor like oppressed for the people in the West.

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