American ISIS hit two sites in Belgium , who ordered them ?

ISIS hit two places in Belgium, near the metro station .
Killed and wounded more than 150 turnoff in these two incidents .
These were other service of ISIS for Turkey.
Because sometimes the terrorists ,  doing a special service for one of their superiors.
The origin of terrorism , al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan , Bokoharam in Somalia, Daesh in Iraq and Syria and extending it to Libya , Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt .
Programmer and supervisor :
Intelligence of America , Israel , France and Britain.
Financier :
Persian Gulf states mean Saudi Arabia, Qatar , the UAE , Bahrain and Kuwait.
The terrorism Schools :
The British Wahhabi of Saudi Arabia in more countries include Europe.
Crossings and coach for the Terrorists :
Turkey and Jordan.
It means : Programmer and supervisor to be the Western countries so mentioned above, and  the rest works by Arab colonies and Turkey.
If the world’s peoples about this project, do not object, the project will expand terrorism in all countries and for much years .

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